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                                      TRY RUGBY!

                     Rugby is a Game for Everyone!


Depending on the variation played, rugby can be a contact or non-contact sport. Variations often played are Flag, Touch, and Classic Rugby Union. Rugby is a sport for life for all shapes and sizes of both men and women. You will see people as young as five and as old as 80 playing the game! When introduced early in development, it allows players to build gross motor skills and coordination while fostering teamwork and fair play. The foundational principles of the game carry throughout life; once a rugby player, always a rugby player!  


Join us on the Pitch!



AGES 6 to 10 (Introduction to Flag) 

AGES 11 to 14 (Flag Rugby)


Flag Rugby is an excellent introduction to the game (also recognized as Rookie Rugby). It is played in a safe and controlled manner with limited collisions, typically played on a smaller field, 35 metres by 55 metres (can be further adjusted to suit the age group). All players wear a flag belt. A qualified coach will lead all sessions, and we will develop: foundational body awareness, fundamental rugby skills, how to play the game, and rugby values. We work on skills in the first half of the session; in the second half, we will play flag rugby games.


Check out this video Rookie Rugby Games: Flag Rugby. To read the full description of Flag Rugby, check out Rookie Rugby Guidebook. 








ALL FLAG RUGBY will run on Tuesdays from 5 PM to 6 PM @ Wildwood Community Centre starting May 9th thru June 27th (8 Weeks)



Introduction to Flag (Under 10) $100 - all players will receive a Wasps Rugby T-shirt and Junior Rugby Ball (limited quantities for 2023)

Flag Rugby (Under 14) $100 - all players will receive a Wasps Rugby T-shirt.


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Keenan Horton

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